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Academy of Medical sciences of Russia

Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation

The scientific conference

“Methodic questions of the research and of the forecasting of the health of the population”

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Organised by:

The Semashko Institute for Social hygiene,

economics and public health management

Moscow, Nov, 10-12 1999


The Scientific Conference “Methodic questions of the research and of the forecasting of the health of the population” with foreign specialists participation will take place 10-12 November, 1999

Main questions by scientific researches results to discuss on the Conference:

  1. The methodology of the studies and of the estimation of population's health
  2. An official statistics as a source of information about the population's health (possibilities and problems).
  3. Modern approaches to a developpment of the sample method in population's health studies.
  4. Longitudinal cohort studies in population's health studies.
  5. The ICD-X as a tool of development of population's health studies programs and of public health studies programs.
  6. The estimation of the life quality and methods of its studies.
  7. Prognostic estimations of the population's health.

The round table “A system of monitoring of population's health in the RF” by TACIS project “A system of preventive measures and the health of Russia's population” is planning.

If You would like to take part in a work of the Conference please give Your demands on participation and matherials of the reports in duplicate and on a disquette in the Organisational Comittee until Oct, 1, 1999.

The address of the Organisational Comittee:

Russia, Moscow, 103064, Vorontsovo Pole street, 12

Semashko Institute for Social Hygiene

The division for study of laws forming and social-hygienic monitoring of public health

Please send the text of Your article by E-mail to quickly prepare the materials of the Conference to edit.


Materials of the Conference will be edited in the special issue of the Bulletin of Semashko Institute

Requirements for articles format:


All authors subscribe the text with their address, phone and position in a second copy only.

The editors can do not include articles which are not corresponding with subjects of the Conference and which are not answering the requirements above.

You must contact the Organisation Comittee on the subject of a Registration fee of 50 USD and about the hotel.


(007-095) 917-83-13

(007-095) 916-24-52

(007-095) 916-12-40


(007-095) 916-03-98

The Organisation Comittee

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